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Daniel Mantilla Senior editor

This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
MoorHunt is an advanced P2M (Peer to Mail) program that will let you upload and download many files through email server accounts. So in this way, you can share anything with your friends, and one of the best features is that it is usually faster than P2P networks.
But, How does MoorHunt work?
Its operation is simple. The application splits the file you want to share, zips and encrypts it. Then MoorHunt sends the file segments one by one to your e-mail accounts that you previously added on the settings window. Once the software uploaded all file segments, your friends can download them, and using also MoorHunt software, they will be able to merge the segments back to the original file.
With this program you can upload big files (1,7 Gb max.) and use almost all your ADSL speed. Also there is a possibility to preview the files while they are being downloaded. Your ISP won't block the email ports, so you can use this program everywhere, there's no restriction. Moreover, P2P network will also work with MoorHunt.


  • Share files with friends by email.
  • P2P network is also accepted.


  • With more than 5 downloads, could become unstable.

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    Guest 7 years ago

    This program is great...
    Thanks to all developers and keeep the good work...